Mount Batur is located in the Bengal region on the island of Bali, Indonesia. For many years, tourists roam Mount Battur (Bali volcano) to watch the sunrise over the volcanoes near Aging Hill and Mount Agung, and it's not hard to see why! First of all, how difficult to Mount Batur Trekking? For most of them, this will be the most important question to answer. If you are naturally active and have a good level of heart disease, this height will not be very difficult for you.

In most forums you will find useful travel tips and blogging channels and you can play them in practice! Well, that's not entirely true. The journey takes about two hours (mostly faster if you need a shorter rest period). Remember that you briefly encounter a volcano 1717 meters or 5633 feet above sea level. Temperature and climate will change from night to night and it will change throughout the walk. I would recommend wearing comfortable leggings or shorts, which is what you usually wear.

The most important thing to wear is the right trainer or hiking, I have seen many girls wear very beautiful, elegant shoes as they try to climb the last part of the walk as they lose their stones and gravel. Pull on a jacket or hood for cold moments on the road, perhaps first and foremost. At the same height, you will most likely remove these outer layers.

I also recommend that if you are going in or around the rainy season, you can bring a waterproof jacket where it can get! You need to bring the cameras! The sunrise at the top of Mount Battur is truly amazing, so make sure you bring your camera, GoPros, phone or whatever you like to take with you.

Unless you are a professional, I recommend leaving the stand at home. Although you can get a great snapshot of the time, it is extremely busy at its height, and lifting it uphill will be painful. If you really want a tripod, I would recommend it, and it's not great. But I invite you to turn off the cameras after a few shots and enjoy the sunrise!

.As I mentioned above, it depends on your speed and the speed of the group you are hiking. It will reach its peak around 5:30 pm and will spend an hour or more at sunrise.

You can then continue walking through the crater, with some monkeys playing in the temple over the top and finding some areas where hot smoke hits the volcano. You can spend about an hour or walking around this place before going back.

Finally, when driving home, your driver will stop for a light breakfast and tea and coffee before returning to the hotel or villa. You just book your trip for Mount Batur adventure