You never know when you are going to come face to face with an emergency. The emergency can be your car accident. The accident may be small with less damage but still you need to claim for the insurance. You might be generous sometimes for letting the driver pay you your bills for hitting you, but if he stops paying you then will you have enough time to claim your insurance. You may not get your claim processed. It is therefore necessary that you make proper claim well within timeframe. The time limit for claiming insurance of your car accident depends on the insurance provider and the place you reside.  for more visit Ford Kuga Personal Lease.

When is the right time to claim?

The right to make a claim starts from day one of the accident. The time frame usually depends on the policy of service provider and the country you are residing. Usually personal injury form is to be filled within two years whereas property damage claim must be filled within three years. Make sure you note down your date or personal injury or your property damage. This has to be written on the form while claiming later. The limitation for filing these claims however depends on your service provider policy.  for more visit Ford Kuga Used Cars.

Give enough time to file your claim

Unless there is very little time left you must give yourself enough time to file your claim. Make all the valid documentation ready and file your claim with everything attached. This will make your claim valid and will take less amount of time to process. Please note that you need to file your personal injury and property damage claim together.

What if you are late?

Most insurance providers give you two to three years to make your car accident claims. However if you make your claim after your time limit has expired then he court will not accept your claim. It does not matter even if you are late by few days the court will simply reject your claim. 

Your right to go to the court

You can try resolving your claims through negotiation. However, if you feel it is not working right you can still go to the court. Make sure you have enough time to file your lawsuit and go to the court. You can find an experience attorney and take right decision based on his advice. 

As you can see that a car accident can still be a tiresome process to resolve specially with insurance claims and other paperwork, you must prepare yourself to see for different options. There is ample time for you to file your case in the court for claim however if you feel this can be resolved from negotiation you can negotiate too. Depending on the time you have and scale of accident you can decide to go for the claim of insurance.