Are you going to celebrate a cocktail party with your friends or relatives and want to make it enjoyable as well and budgeted. Examine the given some share tips which can work for you:

How many ideal numbers of people should be invited to cocktail party?

According to the experiences who have celebrated cocktail party less than 8 people is not looking like a cocktail party also managing the more than 20 people going to be tough to manage? Expert suggests having the group of ten people in a cocktail party.

What kind of Cocktails you can serve?

You can pick a classic cocktail that is known to everyone. Get some beer and wine. You can also make it interesting to ask all friends to bring their choice. Your friends would enjoy it a lot they would start to know all other’s choice and capacity of hanging.

How to look fabulous at cocktail parties?

For Male: If you want to look great in your friend’s cocktail party, experts have advised to wear light colored shirts to the party and do not miss to wear classic leather shoes on it.

For females: Choose a chorus that is fitting for the time of year and style it accordingly. A multicolored floral number and strappy sandals might be just right for a heyday soiree, while a winter event will likely call for closed-toed shoes and an evening coat.

Things to consider when choosing cocktail party venue in Delhi

When celebrating a party, accost by many reasons. Selecting a perfect party place in Delhi is one reason that would have an impactful impression your guest. Here are some basic tips about what to consider and how it could be better.

Book Venue in Advance: Most of the good party venues in Delhi always used to book in advance. So if you book a venue in advance than you can have enough time to manage other things like catalog and invitations.

Selection of Party Location: When you decide to book venue locations you should book a venue with a balanced distance from guest’s home and office. If your guests are coming from airways or railway then a booking of the venue near the airport or railway station can be a good choice.

Parking Facility: Ask from venue provider, that venue has parking lots or valet parking? You should prefer to venue with parking lot.

Capacity of venue: If you want to give the accommodation facility for your guests then you should know the availability of rooms in selected venues. Serving room facility after cocktail party can be a good idea to keep it remembers for a long time.

Cost: Follow the flexibility in the selection of event date; this can be a great way to cut costs with the venue. They may have the open date in their calendar to fill the booking. If you offer the 2 and 3 date options with them you might be lucky to get the discount.

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