People who are suffering with a serious illness and medical problem that make it difficult for them to breathe, and medical doctor may suggest them of using an Oxygen Concentrator to take a deep breath. Oxygen Concentrator can provide you additional oxygen; an oxygen concentrator can facilitate your pander to your problem. As you all know many people are laid low with the coronavirus and that they are in need of oxygen cylinder and since of its scarcity companies introduce Oxygen Concentrator in Mumbai for the patients. You recognize what oxygen concentrators could also be life-saving appliances and are invaluable for his or her convenience and effective delivery of oxygen to those patients who cannot get enough on their own.

Here are a few small points given below which facilitate you to shop for the best Oxygen Concentrator:-

Check Correct Flow of Concentrator Deliver

Your Doctor will prescribe a flow of oxygen, usually stated in liters per minute, you wish to make sure that the concentrator you decide on is capable of delivering this flow, it’s always an honest idea to get a machine that provides you the choice to extend the flow should your prescription rate change over time. 

Check the Battery Duration

Battery life will depend upon different models; it can vary between 2 hours and up to 10 hours. Battery life on a transportable oxygen concentrator is especially important if you're planning an air flight and can be operating from the battery with no access to mains or DC voltage. You'll be able to buy extra capacity or additional batteries, and battery belt packs to extend the duration of the concentrator.


If you buy the oxygen concentrator from the leading store then they will give 1 to 5 year Warranty It's important to get your portable oxygen concentrator from a licensed dealer. Warranties are either return to the seller. 


A quality oxygen concentrator will cost higher excluding VAT looking at specifications etc. You'll find many affordable portable machines manufactured on e-commerce sites. 

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