Best video games 2021

This time the platform has focused on productions that may appeal to lovers of various types of combat. You can choose between an FPS shooter set in the realities of the First World War and a title where you will have to prove your analytical mind.

Despite the increase in the number of monthly active users, Steam and free ps5 codes still have a long way to go if they want to catch up with such players as Xbox or Nintendo. Nevertheless, its results look extremely good. For we are talking about 58 million players who use the platform every month. This doesn't compare too badly with Steam and Nintendo, which can boast an average of 120 million. 

Xbox and Playstation, however, want to increase this figure significantly with only one goal in mind: the billion dollars in revenue that the company intends to earn annually once it has convinced gamers. Probably no one expected that a platform where games are given away for free could generate profits. Temporary exclusivity, which, along with free Playstation and Xbox games, fights the monopoly of the Steam service, also costs its own money. All this entails large expenses and generates huge losses. The fact that Epic with the money from the Unreal Engine and micropayments in Fortnite can probably afford it, but the store has already lost 454 million dollars in two years. You can always get Steam game keys for free here.

Steam and Nintendo, of course, claims that all expenses are related to promoting the service and the process of acquiring new customers. 160 million registered users and 56 million monthly active users confirm that the service is very popular. And I wonder how many of those 160 million are just looking there for free games. Like me, for example. 

Not counting small purchases in Fortnite I have not left a single zloty in the Nintendo eShop. I just buy from other online platforms, and I run EGS for freebies and PC-based Fornite.

Most gamers know that Steam gives away a free game every week. Recently, we've been seeing more and more extensive offers.

The first of this week's two free games is a more well-known title, Overcooked! 2 from 2018. We're talking about the sequel to the critically acclaimed action/arcade game, which concentrates on co-op once more and delivers up a fun game with cookery and a dash of humor in the background. In this case, as well, it received a lot of positive feedback and player approval. It's not surprising, given that the authors chose to build on the original's proven concepts.

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