Transportation is the best wonder that mankind has provided us with. In today’ s world, almost everyone in our country owns a car. But as a frequent diver, you must ask yourself a question. Is my car providing me with adequate performance? Let’s reverse the roles. Imagine your car asking you a question. “Master, are you providing me with adequate care and maintenance?”.

We are not accusing or blaming you for not maintaining your car. Instead, we want to show you the reality behind the car’s performance and it’s service. According to statistics, almost every car owner in the United Kingdom has a stable job or business. So it’s quite common to not take up time for maintaining your vehicle. But imagine the same situation with your kids. What do you do if your kids are really sick?

You have two options. Either you can take them to a doctor or rush to the office and think about it later. We are sure you will choose the first option. So why not treat your vehicles in a similar manner? Your cars require extensive care and undivided maintenance to work efficiently. If you want to know more about servicing your car, keep on reading this post.

What is Car Servicing and should I know something extra?

Assuming you are not a kindergartner, you must know that car servicing is a long and thorough process of ensuring efficient performance from your car. If you feel that your vehicle is not working as effectively as it used to be, you must rush to your nearest garage. It’s the responsibility of the garage experts to pass your car through a variety of checks to tune it back into shape.

If you are wondering, whether you are missing on some vital information or not, you are correct! Car servicing does not happen by a click of a mouse button. You must determine the type of car service, you want for your vehicle.

Interim Car Service

An interim car service is an ideal service for someone who is a bit tight on budget. This type of car servicing involves passing your car through some significant key elements. Garage experts mostly ensure your vehicle’s ABS, seatbelts, brakes and lights. Depending on your car’s size, you can expect an interim car service to fall between £30-£40. 

Full Car-service

This type of servicing is like a full course meal for your car. It involves a variety of checks ranging from engine fluid to wheel alignment. In case, you are due on your annual MOT inspection, it is advisable to pass your car through a full servicing first. Depending on your car’s make and model, you can expect a full car service to lie between £100-£150. 

Manufacturer Service

This type of car service is generally performed by the manufacturer. It ensures passing your car from about 100 types of checks. It involves tuning up your car to its manufacturer specifications. You can expect a manufacturer car servicing to cost you between £200-£270. 

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