Summary - This post is based on your queries related to the migration of Outlook PST files into PDF file as this procedure can be achieved by both manual approach and automated approach. In this blog, you can understand how do I import Outlook 2019 email to PDF through the use of manual and professional way of migration.

Brief About PST and PDF Format 

PST is well known and widely used format of files and because of the popularity of Microsoft Outlook, most of the users know this file format. PST files stored in the local disk of computer in which MS Outlook installed but cannot transfer to external devices.

Portable Document Format or PDF, which is famous for its transferability as it can easily transfer from one storage device to an external saving device. Readability of PDF files can be possible with only adobe reader application which is designed in such a way so that it can be installed in a device like computers, tablets, mobiles and almost all other devices.

Advantages of PDF Document Format

With movability, it has numerous beneficial features and usability such as:

  • The PDF file has a simple and readable view.
  • These PDF files can be accessed in every document-based legal and non-legal sectors.
  • PDF files can be protected by passcode so that only the required person can view those files.
  • Easy to transfer and store in all supportive devices.
  • Simple accesses and can be managed with normal intelligence.

Free Method of How Do I Import Outlook 2019 Email to PDF 

For utilization of manual approach you need to have Microsoft Outlook email application as this method of migration cannot implement without MS Outlook. Before the start of these solutions, it is recommended that create a backup of all PST files that you want to change through this process and professional skills are needed to follow this way of migration as it includes steps that may get some errors. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Open and Run Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Then click on which email messages that you want to convert into PDF format.
  3. After the selection of email messages, view them and move towards Choose File option from the top menu bar.
  4. Hit on the Print button and then use of drop-down Arrow go with Microsoft Print to PDF option.
  5. Hit on the Print option.
  6. Select that format of the file in that you want to save your PST files to PDF with the help of the Save As Type option.
  7. After all the above steps hit on the Save button to start the migration process.
  8. Then you can see your PST file in PDF format.

These steps of migration can be capable to save a few PST files as PDF format, this cannot support batch migration and the occurrence of data loss of those PST files which includes attachments or other non-text content is normal with this process. It needs extra effort and time for the migration process.

Professional Solution - Bulk Export Outlook Emails to PDF Document

Professional way of migration can be done with the utilization of all-in-one Outlook PST Converter that is completely relevant for the storing procedure from PST files into PDF document format. This application can convert multiple PST files with all non-text items of each file with the simple steps that can be related to each other and can be utilized by all users (professional and non-professional). Filtration options of this software made convert procedure easier as this has date filtration through which you can move files according to date range. It includes all features that can be utilized to migrate ANSI, Unicode and Password Protected PST files without any loss of data.


You can try free manual procedure if you have deep technical knowledge of all technical steps and if you do not have much technical knowledge then you can try third-party tool i.e. PST to PDF Converter that is easy to understand the complete procedure regarding the migration of all PST file including large size of PST files into PDF format. This software is also available in a free demo edition through which you can convert the first 20 PST files into PDF format.