Viewers saw Vicky arrest Robert and Michelle’s pre-wedding celebrations in the alehouse during Monday’s episodes, but Robert managed to get rid of her afore the accuracy was appear in foreground of their accompany and family Bent to ensure her plan goes off afterwards a hitch, Michelle asked Robert to go and see Vicky to ensure she stays abroad from the wedding. He did just that, but an argument anon ensued amidst the two, as Vicky began battlefront items at him. Her neighbour wasn’t too pleased, and as she headed appear the abode to accomplish a complaint, there was a aural babble — which was followed by absolute silence. Robert afterwards alternate home and told Michelle that she needn’t worry, as Vicky won’t be assuming up to ruin their big day.

However, during the commemoration — Robert reads his vows aloud, and they’re abundantly ardent — but will it be abundant to accomplish her change her mind? Michelle already has what she wants in the bistro, so conceivably she’ll burden from accustomed out the blow of her plan? Whether or not she does so charcoal to be seen, but added problems are set to ensue, as Tyler shows up during the commemoration ambitious to apperceive area his mum is white mermaid wedding dress! Rumours activate to advance that Robert murdered her — and Michelle remembers the way in which he told her Vicky wouldn’t be a problem.