You probably think: "Well, here is another abstruse word. Isn't there much conventional marketing, or online marketing, or web marketing? "But digital is not as bad as the name suggests. And its methods are successfully used by many companies, sometimes even without knowing it. To make it clear, we have described what digital marketing is and asked experts to comment on it and join our Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products and services via digital channels to attract and retain customers. And everything - from online radio advertising to contextual advertising on the Internet. Simply put, digital marketing is any advertising that involves digital marketing.

This concept is often confused with internet marketing, internet marketing - but they have an important difference. Rather, digital marketing also includes Internet marketing but is not limited to the Internet. Let's compare: Internet marketing is the SEO promotion of a website, a context, webinars, etc - all channels that are only accessible to the user on the Internet. And digital marketing is all this, plus advertising and promotion on all digital media outside the network and come to our  Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore.

In other words, it is digital communication, both online and offline.

And, of course, digital marketing does not include advertising through traditional channels such as newspaper ads, flyers, television commercials, billboards. However, if a QR code is displayed on the billboard to enable you to visit the website, this is already digital marketing.

The history of online promotion: How it all began

There was a time when digitization was possible without any marketing on the Internet. The pioneers in this field, the SoftAd Group (now ChannelNet), are an example of this and learn Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore. In the mid-1980s, they developed an advertising campaign for several automobile manufacturers that was unusual for that time and join Nomad's Tech Digital marketing Agency.

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The idea was that readers should cut out a special supplement from the magazine and send it by mail. And in return, they received a free trial offer and a diskette with advertising for various car brands and visit our  Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore.

The company, therefore, used digital media in combination with offline advertising tools. And in the 1990s, they began to use the term "digital marketing".

What does digital marketing include?

Each of the digital marketing tools and channels can be assigned to an article. We will not analyze them in detail, but we will list the most common types of digital marketing:

- Digital television and online radio;

- Advertising in applications, messengers, and online games;

- SMS and MMS sending;

- Advertising on interactive and outdoor LED screens, self-service terminals;

- SEO and SEM - search engine marketing on the web ;

- Contextual advertising, banners, and teaser advertising;

- SMM - marketing in social media;

- e-mail marketing;

- Affiliate marketing, where a webmaster is paid to attract any visitor or customer.

Few companies can afford to pay all at once, but it is often not necessary. The choice depends on the goals of the company and/or the approach of the project manager. Views on digital technology and the effectiveness of different channels can vary, so we have sought the advice of several experts in the field simultaneously and visit the best Digital Marketing agency in Lahore Called Nomad's Tech.

"There are many tools in the field of digital marketing, which can be divided into 3 main groups

1) Paid resources: all digital events for which the company has to pay;

2) Own resources: the sites, the social networking sites that the company owns and can use;

3) Earned resources: word-of-mouth or earned media - free or purchased communication channels

"Videos and messengers are in fashion these days. They are in great demand, but few people know how to make full use of them. A brand I also remains a trend - promoting the company by recognizing a charismatic personality. For example, Facebook feeds help to promote a brand and increase search engine traffic and join our  Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore.