Those who are regular smokers, know very well how difficult it is to come out of this nasty habit. Often, they may not be able to quit even after making their best efforts. Certainly, to get rid of this habit, a person must have enough dedication, so that he can replace his older habits with something equally interesting.

Though many people have nowadays started realizing the harmful effects of smoking and also rules about smoking is becoming much tighter and as a result, you can come across a smaller number of smokers, as compared to what you could see about 10 or 20 years back.

However, still there are many who still continue to smoke, as old habits die hard. Now good news for those who often pledge during new-year day is that they will quit smoking this year, a new alternate has come in the form of cartuchos CBD which means in English CBD cartridges

You can use this cartridge for vaping CBD instead of your smoking cigarette

What is actually CBD vape?

Most of you are aware about CBD, which is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant. Also, CBD will not produce any psychoactive effects like THC. On the other hand, it offers many health benefits like - 

  • Inflammation reduction
  • Pain management
  • Sleep improvement
  • Reducing depression and anxiety

CBD can do all this magic with proper interaction with our internal endocannabinoid system present in our body and also its receptors.

CBD vaping is also one form of taking CBD. CBD oil extract is heated up while you inhale aerosol, which is similar to vapor that is rich in CBD. Let us now try to understand how it can help us in quitting from smoking.

How CBD helps to quit smoking?

Firstly, you can replace your negative, toxic, debilitating smoking habit with certain natural alternative like CBD oil. You can also vape CBD oil, but studies suggest similarities between vaping and smoking will be sufficient to compensate for your old smoking habit and also suppress your desire.

Secondly, the best way to break any habit is by removing the environment which triggers your habit. If being stressed will cause you to look for a cigarette, then treat the stress so that your desire for smoking will go away.

Since CBD is commonly used for treating stress, and is very effective to help you to curb your anxiety. So, you are receiving bonus of replacing your old habit while removing your trigger.

Thirdly, CBD can help in soothing few most common types of side effects that generally come with quitting from smoking, by making it your ideal companion for helping you to quit. 

As an example, nicotine releases serotonin, and during the time, while you are trying to quit cigarettes will often create sluggishness, depression and stress that comes due to dip in serotonin. 

CBD oil also can trigger serotonin release, so it can always calm your stress, anxiety, and also irritability, so that it will make it easier to refuse smoking even if someone offers you a cigarette.

Besides, CBD also has anti-inflammatory capabilities and reduces headache or any minor pain, which is commonly associated with not smoking.