Facing runtime errors on McAfee is very common. Indeed McAfee has a robust interface that offers you good data and network security. But if you are dealing with McAfee error 2402 then your protection is at stake. Whenever you get any error message or any warning from your antivirus; deal with it before you face a huge problem. McAfee error 2402 is a runtime error that can occur due to program file corruptions, installation errors or various other conditions.

Symptoms of McAfee Error :

• McAfee error pop will appear whenever you open your device

• Error appears suddenly while running a program. You will get this error message every time you open the same program• Your running program will crash and an error will be displayed

• McAfee error will appear frequently while working on PCCommon causes of McAfee run time error

• You have downloaded or install corrupt McAfee files

• You are using an expired plan of McAfee antivirus

• Your Windows files or McAfee files get corrupted

• You have mistakenly deleted McAfee antivirus program files

• Any recent change in McAfee or other program has corrupted Windows registry filesTop methods for troubleshooting McAfee antivirus error 2402Renew your McAfee antivirus

You will get numerous errors if you are using the expired version of McAfee. Your device is no more fully secure from malware threats. Go for McAfee antivirus renewal and most of your errors will automatically get fixed. 

Run system file checker tool

File corruption can lead to McAfee's run time error. Windows OS provides an inbuilt file checker tool that scans and restores corrupted files. If this error is occurring due to file corruption then using this tool will troubleshoot the error. 

Follow the steps given below for running the system file checker tool:

1. Open the Windows PC and type the command on the search bar

2. Hit the enter button

3. Click on Yes on the permission dialog box

4. Command prompt (black box with a blinking arrow) will be

5. Type SFC/scan now and press the Enter button file checker tool will start scanning all the program files installed on the PC. This tool will find and fix all the errors and restore all the corrupted files. Now restart your Windows computer and check whether McAfee error 2402

 Gets fixed or not. Restore your system

Sometimes the program files get corrupted from any change in settings of any program or driver. Restoring the system can be a potential method for resolving McAfee error 2402. Type system restores on the search bar and presses the enter button. You will require the admin authority for running the system tool. 

Enter your admin credentials and click on the restore button. Now you only have to follow all the provided steps for restoring your device. After restoration, your device will automatically get restart. Now try running McAfee antivirus and check whether error 2402 gets resolved or not. If you are still getting the same error even after restoring and fixing program files then you should go for McAfee re-installation. Uninstall existing McAfee antivirus then provide a fresh McAfee installation on your computer.