Our mothers and Lucid Blue Clones are treated with care. We use strict and organic weekly maintenance procedures to ensure every Hemp Plant Nurserys produced comes out free of mites, aphids, pests,mold, mildew and other hosts of diseases. We offer various strains as shown above and our pricing is also very flexible and dependent on the amount you would like to order.
Clear Blue is a cross of a Santa Cruz cut of Blue Dream (Santa Cruz cut) and a Grateful Breath aggregate named Solomon previously reared by Green Gage Genetics. This blend made a cultivar with a fruity, green flavor profile, as indicated by sources on the web. Clear Blue is not difficult to develop inside or out, yet online sources guarantee it develops best inside, in soil, with Sea of Green (SOG). Green Gage Genetics says it needs seven-to about two months blooming time to convey enormous, thick, trichome-covered buds. Colas are generally light green with a couple of dim green leaves, brilliant orange pistils, and white trichomes. Producers ought to anticipate that a medium-should high return.