(FYI @ know your mask)

● It is a micro-filtration mask, also termed as "Respirator"
● It acts as a "loose" filter which filters off micron particles/pollutants present in air or atmosphere (dust particles, suspended particles, soot & coarse silica)
● Main purpose is to protect your lungs from air pollution so that you can breathe freely, hence is also termed as respirator
● What does 95 indicate : it indicates 95% filtration of 0.3 micron size particles which means that anything less than 0.3 micron size will enter or permeate through your mask
● Here comes the hitch : Bacteria & Viruses are much smaller in size (nano-molecular) and hence you are not safe from bacterial & viral attack with this mask
● What does N indicate : Non-resistant or Non- barrier ; it means non-filtration of bacteria & viruses which are of nano size (50-60 nm), hence too small to be rejected by the mask.
● What to do then : Nothing, just pray that your co-passenger sitting beside you in the long flight to USA or UK is not infected with Covid-19.
● Recent reports suggest that majority of victims got infected while travelling by air because you are stationed constantly for several hours in a closed environment wherein the viruses have a field day
● In other words, you are a sitting duck !
● Time to chant "Hanuman Chalisa" !!