Earlier, WiFi routers were relatively dumb devices that merely bring the internet to your devices. However, today's Netgear WiFi routers offer everything ranging from mobile-management tools to support for multiple WiFi frequencies. And now, forget to the painful Netgear router setup.

The best WiFi routers come with great default intelligence, making it easier to configure and utilize more advanced features. Most of the functions that once needed notable networking know-how can now be properly configured with a single mouse click. With this in mind, we have listed the best Netgear router features that are well worth the effort and time to configure and make use of. Read on.

Best Netgear Router Features

1.The Wireless Welcome Mat: Guest Access

Regardless of whether you're setting up a WiFi network for your home or business, you can expand the welcome mat to guests with free WiFi. Most routers available on the market today consist of the capability to easily offer guest access to your WiFi network.

If you permit guest access, it's a good idea to change the guest password on a daily basis. And in case your router supports a couple of frequencies, e.g. 2.4GHz and 5GHz speeds, you may also choose to restrict guest access to the slower 2.4GHz network, saving the higher-overall performance access for internal connections only. You can set up a guest network on your Netgear router through web address.

2.Do Double Duty: Add External Storage

The cutting-edge breed of Netgear routers can take the ache out of shared records storage, as well. Current era high-end models provide the potential to connect external storage directly to the router, with alternatives for USB 2.0, 3.0, and SATA connections, on the basis of the model. This leads you to a do-it-yourself network-connected storage setup.

3.Keep Kids Safe: Parental Controls

Parental controls aren't, without a doubt, for stopping children from accessing obnoxious websites. In a small business environment, they may be pretty beneficial for explicitly handling websites that should not be accessed on work time. Netgear routers offer varying levels of control, starting from granular blocking off on a per-tool level to full-blown content-manage systems that handle access to external sites.

4.Do More With Connected Media & Backup Servers

Netgear WiFi routers have gone a step further than just supporting network-attached storage. They provide a DLNA-discoverable service that can be expressly configured as a media server with detailed control over how and wherein video and audio services are delivered. This server-aspect software can also be utilized to control file-sharing permissions on externally connected storage.

Netgear routers even offer backup applications, which permit connected storage gadgets to become a part of an automated client backup process. You can take advantage of these backup services by navigating to the router dashboard after a successful Netgear router login.

5.Apps for Mobile Management

Smartphones and tablets in the workplace are right here to stay, and Netgear wireless routers have replied to the upswing with tools that permit extra capability and cellular management on a selection of gadgets. You can use the Netgear genie app to monitor and control your home WiFi network. Not only this, but you can also repair various network issues with the app.

In the event that you stick with the default settings, your Netgear router is absolutely more vulnerable to security risks. In any case, a couple of moments spent configuring these advanced Netgear router features could pay off in genuine advantages.