There are several issues, the user faces when dealing with HP Printers. Moreover, there are troubleshooting steps that the user can take up. 

HP Printer Says Offline

This is a very common issue. Considering Windows 10, the user first needs to check for updates. Moreover, the updates are very important as they allow the computer to search for printer drivers. This is especially true for offline printers. Furthermore, there are a few steps that the user can follow:

  • Firstly, download the HP Print and Scan Doctor. 
  • Now, the next step involves running the file HPPSdr.exe from the download section of the computer. 
  • The user needs to open the Doctor and then click on Start. Now, the user needs to choose the printer. 
  • In case the printer does not appear on the list, the user needs to Retry.
  • Furthermore, there can be a connection problem. The user has to follow the subsequent steps listed there needs to be followed. 
  • Click on Fix Printing. 
  • If the printer still does not come online, follow the steps. 

It might be caused by a sudden change in default printing. Moreover, the user has to change the default driver again and go to the originally installed printer driver. If the printer is still offline, a few messages are displayed. 

  • The user has to turn on the printer. Then, make sure it is ready. 
  • Go to Devices and printers, and find the icon of the printer that was installed. 
  • Right-click on the printer icon. 
  • Select “See what’s printing.” 
  • Change the checkmarks on the printer. 
  • Try to print now. 

In the next step, the user needs to reset everything. This step can help to restore all the functionalities of the printer. 

  • Switch the printer off. Now, wait for a few seconds. Then, take out all the power cords. 
  • Moreover, the user also needs to turn off the computer. 
  • Now, again establish all connections by plugging into electrical power sockets. Now, turn on the printer manually, if it does not switch on automatically. 
  • In case the printer is using an automatic connection, restart the router. 
  • Disconnect the router from the power supply. Stop all internet services. 
  • After waiting for a few seconds, the router’s activity light will switch on all by itself. Press the wireless button at this point of time. Let it turn on. 
  • The printer will again try to reconnect with the router. 
  • Now, try to give a printout. If it comes out fines, then the work is done. 

In case the printer still shows offline the user needs to move on to the next step. 

  • Now set the default printer. 
  • There are many instances that a default printer can change. The driver can change on its own and it is quite frequent. Now, change the default printer name. Confirm the printers. 
  • The user needs to search for the devices on Windows. 
  • Now click the printer from the list of HP Printers. 
  • Now, try to give a printout. 

So, this solves many of the issues related to ‘HP Printer says offline.’

As a matter of fact, another very common issue with HP printers is that it won’t print. “HP printer won’t print” is another very common issue today. Moreover, there may be other reasons too. 

  • The driver may be out of date. 
  • Moreover, the connections may be faulty.
  • Furthermore, the configuration may not be suiting the printer.
  • On the contrary, if the machine runs out of paper, a similar message may come up. 

In fact, there are certain steps that the user needs to follow in such cases, listed below.

  1. Check the Printer status. The device should have paper. The user also needs to make sure, that there is no paper jam. Moreover, the user should take care while removing the paper from the printer. One wrong move can destroy the printer forever. Furthermore, the user must check the ink status. If everything fails, the user needs to call a technical person for help. 
  2. Cancel the print jobs that are in the queue. Moreover, this is another option. If one job gets stuck, it is natural that others also get stuck in the process. Furthermore, the user has to go to the control panel and click on Devices and printers. Then, click on ‘see what’s printing.’ As the new page opens, open the printer menu. Moreover, the user has to cancel all documents. After deleting the jobs, one has to try giving the print command once again. 
  3. On the contrary, check to see whether the HP Printer is the default printer. 

HP Printer Troubleshooting

There are many such issues that the user can solve on his own. Moreover, some self- inspection does not cause harm. These are some of the basics that people need to follow. 

  • In the first instance, the user has to check that the connection cables starting from the electrical socket to the HP printer. Moreover, the user must check the cables. The sockets should be plugged in properly. Furthermore, the lights on the printer should blink. This ensures network connection. Plugging and unplugging is one of the basic things to follow. Moreover, if the lights still do not function, the user probably has to take it to the service center. 
  • Ghosting is a commonly faced issue today. The image prints well, however other printers tend to print it even better. Therefore, the user must understand that there is some issue. The user can check with another printer. Furthermore, it may happen that the printer has reached its expiry date. 
  • Some printers also show the 50.4 error message. In this case, the user has to turn the printer off, and wait for a minute or two. Then, the user has to turn it on again. Moreover, the printer should receive power. Check the wall electrical power socket and the printer port. Furthermore, open the right door of the printer and slide the fuser handle to remove it. Check to see if any paper is stuck. If anything is stuck, the user has to remove it. Now, move the fuser to the original position and close the door. 

Thus, these are the HP Printer Troubleshooting guidelines.

Printer Is In An Error State HP

Moreover, this is another common problem with HP printers. The moment the user sends a command; an error message floats up on Windows or MAC computers. The first thing, that the user needs to check is to check the connection cables and also the paper and ink supply. Check the steps below:

  1. The first thing the user has to do is to check the connection. Most of the problems arise due to the cables. Check the connectivity between the electrical power socket and the printer. Furthermore, secure all the connections and give a test print. 
  2. The next option, is to restart the device. 
  3. Check the printer status – offline or online. The user can bring the status online by following certain easy steps:
  4. The user has to click the ‘start button’ and proceed to the ‘control panel.’
  5. Choose the ‘Device and Printers’ option. 
  6. If the printer is ‘online,’ then it will display ‘Ready.’
  7. If it does not show the status as ‘ready,’ then probably it is not. Right-click on the printer and select ‘use printer online.’ This should do the needful. 

If the user is using an Apple device or Mac, connectivity issues can occur. Printer Is In An Error State HPis not a problem anymore. Just check to see the symptoms. 

  • The device is not visible. 
  • There may be messages, that the software for the mentioned printer is not available. 
  • AirPrint connectivity may also be an issue. 

There are some easy steps, that the user may follow. 

  • Restart the router. Then, restart the printer. 
  • Keep the devices very close to one another. This is a prerequisite to wireless connectivity. 
  • The user has to download the latest versions of the printer and network connection. 
  • Update the concerned software. 

Error states for Mac is now not a hindrance, any longer. 

  • To set the connections right, check for the cables. They should be taken off, if the printer is wireless.
  • The user has to turn off the printer. 
  • Get software updates. Now, the user has to turn the printer on. 
  • Try to re-connect with the printer with Mac. 
  • Check for the printer on the list. 

These are a few of the issues related to Printer Is In An Error State HP. Follow these steps listed above and solve the issues easily. Now, the user does not need to contact the technical team that often. Users can solve most of the issues on their own.