If you are one of those people who have decided to immigrate to Canada, the first thing to do (if necessary) is to apply for the appropriate type of visa. You can apply or you can hire a Canadian immigration advisor to help you with this process.

Diverse Immigration Services Consultant or advisor, as their name suggests, is someone who will help and advise you throughout the Canadian visa process. Usually a licensed lawyer, an immigration advisor knows and understands the requirements and will therefore guide you through this process with ease. Of course, this counseling service will be charged to you. The cost varies depending on the extent to which the consultant is involved in the case. Every migration agent in Canada must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (IRCC). There are many advantages to using the services of an immigration consultant. 

  • An immigration officer can save you time and money and tell you which Canadian visa is right for you;
  • The immigration officer will help you through the whole process;
  • Obtaining a visa application can be much easier and faster by using the services of a Canadian immigration agent.

When you choose an immigration agent, ask questions such as: what are your visa options; ask about their work experience; their fees and all other possible costs. Also, ask for your certificate and check with IRCC to see if you are registered as an immigration agent by law.

If you are not sure what to expect from a Diverse Immigration Consultant Canada, you can visit the website and read "About the Regulation of the Immigration Advisor Profession". This is a guide with all the necessary information about immigration agents and also includes information about what you can expect from a registered immigration agent. Do your research before choosing a migration agent if you plan to choose one.