Is it possible to convert my MSG file to PDF at a single time without the installation of MS Outlook? If it is possible then please tell me the relevant solution to my query.


Yes, it is possible to convert MSG files to PDF without Outlook installation through the help of MSG to PDF Converter.

In this article, you will get to know how to batch print multiple MSG files with attachments as PDF. We will discuss both methods 

  1. Manual procedure
  2. Automated procedure.

Manual Procedure to Print MSG Files as PDF

  1. In the first step, you have to install an MS Outlook.
  2. Open MS Outlook, choose those MSG files which you want to convert.
  3. Click on File option > Save as > Save as Type > HTML format > Save
  4. Go to Word, repeat the same procedure in the same manner.
  5. Click on File> Save as > Save as Type > PDF format > Save

Demerits of the Manual Procedure

In this method, you are able to convert MSG files to PDF if you have installed MS Outlook. This method is best only when you have a few MSG files to convert into PDF. The attachments of your MSG files may be lost.

Apart from these demerits, there are lots of reasons for which users prefer software procedures as compared to the manual procedures.

Automated Solution on How to Batch Print Multiple MSG files with Attachments as PDF

The best part of the software that it works without any loss issues. The users have to follow a simple and easy process to operate the tool. The tool is well developed and designed with advanced functionality, the user can use these functions as per the requirements. The tool supports all the Windows version including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

The tool saves all your MSG files as PDF with attachments, hyperlinks, images, etc. The tool works efficiently and effectively, converts a large number of MSG files into PDF within a seconds. The software MSG to PDF tool solves all your questions on how to batch print multiple MSG files with attachments as PDF.

Trouble-Free Steps for the Conversion of MSG files to PDF

  • Download and install the app MSG to PDF Converter.
  • Insert MSG files from the left panel for the conversion process.
  • The loaded Preview of MSG files has visible on your screen.
  • The user gets a selective file conversion, the feature allows the user to deselect those MSG files through the Checkbox that the users don’t want to convert as PDF.
  • Click on the Export button.
  • Choose PDF from Select Saving Option, the user get two more options

Attachments- save all attachments in a separate folder or embeds attachment in one PDF.

Save PDF- Save all emails in one PDF or to create separate PDF for each mail.

  • File Naming Option allows users to save the resultant file as per user needs. It allows the user to manage the emails by Sender Name, Date, Subject, etc.
  • The Browse button helps the user to save the resultant file at the desired location in the system.
  • Hit on the Convert button.

These steps are easy to understand, the user does not face any difficulty regarding on how to batch print multiple MSG files with attachments as PDF.


The above discussion solves all your queries on how to batch print multiple MSG files with attachments as PDF. The user can take a free trial of the MSG Converter to understand the functionality of the tool. The free demo edition of the tool allows the user to print up to 10 MSG files free of cost. No file limits exist after buying the license key of the software.