What is GAWDO?
GAWDO is an Online Platform that delivers a wide range of digital media services for Businesses and Individuals. You will find everything from Digital Marketing to Content Creation to Video Creation & any digital service which is practically imaginable.

Logo Design
A logo may be a symbol or design wont to identify a corporation or organization, also as its products, services, employees, etc.
GAWDO provides you the simplest logo design services. the brand design of a corporation can make or break its business prospects within the market. A perfectly-created logo is capable of building an honest rapport with the audience that a corporation and its business trying to realize. But a wrongly designed logo fails to speak a business message and ultimately harms the business of a corporation.
Modern businesses depend tons on making effective communication with their potential customers. Marketers make strategies to make sure that folks can engage with a business in a sort of way. Therefore, business owners spend tons of cash on creating visual tools to interact with people and to interact with them. Today, a logo isn't just a business symbol to spot a corporation and its products or services rather helps in making a robust brand identity. Even, logos designed using a web logo maker carries an equivalent essence as a logo designed by professional designers.

Banner Design
Designing an ingenious banner campaign is often an extended, complicated process involving many various people. The longer the method gets, the better it's to forget certain steps or ignore certain parts thanks to time constraints. Thankfully, you needn’t worry anymore. will assist you together with your creative banner design, so you'll confirm you’ve got everything covered, and are working within the most effective way possible.

Business Card Design
A card may be a small, printed, usually credit-card-sized paper card that holds your business details, like name, contact details, and brand logo. Your card design is an important part of your branding and will act as a visible extension of your brand design.
Once you've got your logo, brand color scheme, and an honest idea of what you would like your card to mention about you, you’re able to start. Just attend to work out which card design would work best for you.

Animated Social Media Post
It’s amazing how far we’ve are available the last 20 years, where creating animated graphics for your business is now a serious topic of conversation. Generally, you’ll find costs for 2D animations ranging between USD 3,000-50,000. And costs for 3D animations ranging from USD 10,000 and happening to USD 200,000. Plus, this video is proof that animation is complex stuff. But before you jump into panic mode, here’s some excellent news, you'll attend to make animated illustrations. See! Dreams do come true. Here’s another plus – animated graphics encourage people to require the step you would like them to, like making a sale.

In The last, Design is one of the foremost important factors when building a brand. If you do not put time, effort, and even money into this, it's going to end in an unsuccessful business. The planning is what is going to set you aside from your competition and assist you to garner the specified emotion or feeling from customers.