Honor killing and female lawyers in Pakistan:

Comprehensive, even so, certain other forms of sexual harassment do not currently fall within its purview and are therefore not specifically punishable, although this law is quite. Recommendations of female lawyers in Pakistan:  The punishment is enhanced to rigorous imprisonment and extended to a term of five years. The law is expanded so that written material, photographs, and all forms of vulgar displays are made punishable. Honor killing The Commission is concerned at the practice of some courts taking a lenient view of what is, in their eyes, "honor killing. This is objectionable on two counts according to female lawyers in Pakistan.

They Think Honor Killing Make Them Strong and Respectable:

First, it mitigates murder. Thereby it becomes a strong encouragement to other murders of the kind. It makes them look respectable. And thus it waters down the basic judicial prohibition against anyone taking the law into his or her own hands. If customs like karo kari remain rampant in parts of the country it is because of this attitude. Secondly, it violates another fundamental tenet of justice which is that a judicial forum may never pass judgment of guilt against someone not on trial before it and someone not heard by it. Recognition of honor' killing does just that. A court's according to that recognition to what it sees as honor killing condemns the victim of the killer without having heard her, and it does that without her having been on trial before it in the first place. The attitude is impugned on two other counts. First, the practitioners of law do not bring the same consideration to bear on their judgment in the case of women - when a woman kills a man based on a similar provocation which does not directly affect her person. Finally, the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 1997 provides capital punishment as qisas for qatl-e-amd without regard to any mitigating circumstance.

It Seem that Provocation is No Ground for Mitigating Circumstances:

A perusal of the provisions shows that provocation is no ground for mitigating circumstances. No provocation for the act is given any Weight whatever, when imminent danger to one's person may indeed be a valid extenuating circumstance. This makes leniency towards honor killing, where there is not even a direct and present threat to one's own person, even more, unacceptable. Recommendations of female lawyers in Pakistan: The law should make it clear that honor killings will be punishable as qatl-e-amd. Code of Criminal Cases, 1898 Arrest without warrant (Section 54) Special provision should be made for medical examination of the arrested female needed, by female doctors.  Recommendation: The following proviso should he added al the end of this section: "Provided that where the arrested person is a female, her medical examination if needed, shall a Jar as practicable be performed by a registered female medical practitioner. Suspicion of cognizable offense [Section 157(1)] Special provision is again needed for the investigation of rape victims to be carried out by female police officers.

Less Age Victim of Honor Killing:

Victims of less than 16 years of age will need to be treated with extra consideration. Recommendation: The first proviso in this section is preceded by the following one: "Provided that concerning any offense the investigation and interrogation of women, as far as practicable, be conducted by a woman police officer regardless of whether the female is a witness or an accused. Wherever possible, the investigation or interrogation is carried out at the female’s house but always in the presence of a family member or a person chosen by the female. Provided further that if the alleged victim is less than sixteen years of age she shall be questioned only at her residence and in the presence of her parents or guardians, and the questioning shall be as brief as possible.

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