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Stereotypes are a professional's worst enemy since they typically diminish creativity and create more two-way subjective viewpoints. The adversaries also "invade" the event organizer profession since it is so reliant on human interactions that it is especially open to false preconceptions.

Some event organizers are already acquainted with live streaming, which is one of the most popular but often misunderstood new event strategies. In truth, there are numerous fallacies about live streaming that cause some people to shun it (although they really need it).

There are at least five live broadcasting fallacies that you should be aware of and avoid!

Live streaming is only used for major events

This is a dumb group of individuals who believe that live broadcasting and streaming services are only appropriate for really large events that draw millions of live-stream programs. This platform is ideal for producing small events without the need to lease a variety of traditional equipment, which may be costly.

The live streaming strategy tends to reduce the presence of direct visitors.

This is a second myth based on the belief that people would not pay money if they can see anything for free. Of fact, this is not the case since, according to certain research, up to 30% of individuals who watch live streaming of an event will attend the same event directly the following time. This is further supported by the fact that Facebook Live Streaming has improved dramatically in the previous year.

Is this a costly field?

This is just not true since an increasing number of social media networks provide free live broadcasting. Facebook Live is now the most popular platform.

These services are uninteresting!

Of course, this contradicts numerous polls that demonstrate that consumers prefer to watch live broadcasts rather than recordings of the same event.

Your footage will be deleted shortly after the event.

In fact, even after your event is over, you may continue utilizing your footage. You may repurpose the full recording.

What exactly do event organizers need when broadcasting live video streams?

The producers need a platform that can reach as many people as possible while keeping production costs low. Doesn't it seem like a capitalist principle? But it is not the case in reality. Most producers operate under the guidance of the client, and they are frequently saddled with the minimum audience quota agreed upon by both sides. They must also consider numerous things, one of which is the cost while creating live streaming.

What factors should they examine before deciding on the finest live streaming platform?

When looking for the finest live streaming service, take into account content security, bandwidth prices, monetization and analytics, outstanding customer support, and a top-tier CDN.

Content safety:

Do you want to securely live stream your events? Content security protects your streaming video from being abused.

Costs of bandwidth:

Bandwidth charges may be pretty high, and since not every platform provides the same price, you need to be judicious in your choice based on your financial capabilities.

Analytics and monetization:

This is particularly handy if your streaming video is utilized for commercial reasons.

Customer service:

It is important to choose someone who can provide instruction 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You never know when difficulties may arise.


CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. A CDN enables you to access millions of people outside of your country of residence.

We can conclude from the preceding arguments that live streaming is unavoidable in current marketing and that we must examine the preceding characteristics before hiring a live streaming service.

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