There are many forms of construction management. It can be used for both small and large projects. Construction managers are among the contractors and subcontractors. Moreover, these mangers can work with these people to build small or large structures. In addition to construction management, these managers are interested in architecture or engineering, etc. They can also offer services. The construction manager represents the owner of the construction and the owner is paid.

It has been proved by researchers, analysts and experts that the project will be larger, more difficulty in managing the small processes of the construction project. The main purpose of construction management is to facilitate all activities related to small or large project construction. It is very important to ensure coordination between all processes involved in building a structure, so that not a single activity is delayed. For example, it may be the case that part of the construction has to be stopped because some kind of equipment is not delivered. The construction manager ensures this happens and is responsible for smoothing the process, while managing everything to be done on time.

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A construction management consultant is recommended to enter the project at a very early stage. It would play its major role from the design and feasibility of the project to the actual building process. The responsibilities of such a person are as follows:

• The first step in any construction project is the evaluation of the project. To evaluate the physical and financial feasibility of the project. It can be done with a detailed Feasibility Report. It will tell you if your project is viable.

• Process engineering involves the creation of new or existing chemical or physical processes in any industry.

• The next step is engineering design to optimize all available resources. It helps manage things at that time.

• It is project management to address all sub processes of project construction. It helps to organize all activities, small or large.

• The next step is design and construction. Using the latest technologies will provide better designs for the buildings. Many designs can be made with the help of technological developments.

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In addition, the construction manager closely monitors the progress of the construction process. It also monitors the quality of the material used in construction, the correction of workmanship and other shortcomings on the road. In short, it would not be wrong to say that hiring a construction manager feels that your construction project is in safe hands and that you will get the desired results within the predefined time frame. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire a construction manager in all respects.

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