Early childhood years are formative years that are important to the academic, psychological, behavioural & physical growth of an infant. Apart from the home, the school plays a crucial role in the overall growth of the child and so we provide the children with a wet, loving, healthy, compassionate, and enriching experience at Hursh Bin. An important part of the school is the Infant Guidance & Child Development Centers In Goregaon. It recognizes, devises, and provides tailored individual & community guidance services for at-risk students with its slogan, "Every Child Counts."

The following areas are covered by the Child Guidance and Counselling Centre:

1-Personal-social counselling- Students are given individual counselling sessions for their difficulties relating to academic, educational, emotional, psychological, mental & physical challenges. The purpose of the session is to help the child solve the issue and deal with the environment successfully. The school counsellor/special educator refers pupils to external facilities for more psychiatric counselling.

2-Group counselling- Community counselling sessions on topics such as stress control, anger management, peer pressure, improving EQ, SWOT review, good touch-bad touch, management skills, exam anxiety, good behaviours, technological addiction, substance misuse & addiction, and so on, are conducted for students' overall progress. Students also engage regularly in various events such as role-play, group debate, ext.

3-Special education- For special students, a special trainer creates specific instructional techniques to cope with their needs and to prevent developmental problems. The CSWN is also issued with CBSE exemptions. Extra-curricular programs such as art & design, drawing, performing arts, role-plays, PEC activities, etc. are encouraged to participate. In order to boost their self-esteem and self-worth, particular emphasis is paid to them.

4-Workshop and seminars- The child counselling & Child Development Centres In Goregaon offers students, staff members & parents different sessions & presentations during the year to foster an atmosphere that maximizes our students' mental, personal, behavioural, therapeutic, and academic development. The psychologist frequently reviews and conducts sessions for school service team members.

Children's therapy is an important issue, especially for their parents. And most specifically, with such special powers, if the infant is born. The foreign child well-being authorities have received high praise from some of the most respected child development centres in Thane.