QuickBooks is a leading accounting software used by small and medium-sized businesses all around the world. It is known for its easy interface and ability to handle major financial transactions. But, QuickBooks has its own set of issues that require attention from time to time. One such issue which troubles its users is when QuickBooks won’t print. Since most printers are different from each other, the issue which arises when QuickBooks won’t print can only be solved when the user has enough understanding of the printer setup. If not, then some troubleshooting steps may help, or else the user would have to approach QuickBooks Support


Before starting with the troubleshooting process when quickbooks won't print invoices, there are a few things that should be kept in mind to avoid any further problems. Keep in mind that:

lThe QuickBooks software must be running on or updated to its latest version. 

lMake sure that the connectivity is not lost. The software should be connected to the printer and that the printer software is installed correctly.

lFor any specific kind of printer error messages, the user needs to contact QuickBooks support first.


In QuickBooks, printing problems can arise due to something minute or something trivial, which is why the user needs to check the underlying cause of the problem. The causes can be:

lQuickBooks isn’t connected to the printer

lQuickBooks isn’t able to print due to broken communication with the printer commands. 

lAn unresponsive XPS port which is freezing QuickBooks

lCannot communicate with the company file

lPrint host driver problems in QuickBooks


To resolve the QuickBooks won’t print checks problems, the following steps if followed in sequence might resolve the issue. If you are unsure of the steps, contact QuickBooks support

Method 1:

On Microsoft Word or Notepad, type something which needs to be printed. From the print option, select the printer you have and proceed. If it prints, then that means that there is no issue with the printer driver. 

Method 2:

Shut down the computer and the printer unplugging the cables also for some time. Meanwhile, check if the paper tray is rightly placed and that it’s not clogged. Restart the computer and the printer and cancel all the pending tasks for the printer. Print a new page to check if the problem has been resolved. 

Method 3:

Use QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair tool to fix common printing issues. You can also try to print it from the QuickBooks Sample Company file to confirm if the company file had a problem.

The above-mentioned solutions are given so that you are able to solve checks Won’t Print in QuickBooks manually. For further assistance regarding the issue, contact QuickBooks Support

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