English is the subject that fascinates students most. But most of the time, it has been noticed that students hire English assignment help as they feel they lack creative writing skills. The best thing about English as a subject is that it has a variety of work of art that you will get to explore and different kinds of assignments to write.

Here is the list of English pieces that you will be assigned to write when you take up English Literature:


One of the most loved assignments in English is of poetry. It helps you convey your story without saying anything yet saying more than what you feel. Poetry is the only assignment in which everyone wants to try their luck, but a few only can succeed. So, if poem writing is not your cup of tea and you have to score well, you can ask experts for Plagiarism free assignment  help.

vShort stories-

Short stories are the best way to draw your imagination with the help of words on a piece of paper. Short stories can be fictional or can be inspired by true stories that you want to share. You have to add a touch of connection so that your readers can relate to what you are saying. A story, when appropriately written, has the power to transport you from the real world to the world of imagination.


Essays are more like argument-based assignments. It gives you the space to express your views and present arguments and take a stand. While writing an essay, you should make sure that the piece has enough facts and sources. The language should also be formal. You can go through the samples of essays available on the websites of English assignment writingservices online for inspiration.

vSingle sentence story-

One of the most interesting assignments in English is to write a single sentence story. You will be provided with a sentence, and then you have to complete a story with it. You will need both imagination and effort to submit a well-written assignment. Go through examples of English assignments online to form an idea.

These are some of the assignments that you will be assigned if you are pursuing English. Be ready to use these assignments to show your creativity and score well in class. All the best!

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