Writing is my life.
L'ecriture est ma vie.
The greatest fear I have had is
What if I lose this passion?
It's everything in my life.
Without it I am nothing.
I have nothing.
What if it doesn't work...
What if I don't get published...
What if it's not a success...
So many what ifs...
Then :
It happens suddenly,
At the most unexpected time
The haze gets cleared
I realise my future
I start visualising my first step
Into my dream world
I see the breakthrough coming
My selfish self has vanished into the air
I look forward to a collaboration
With a person whom I met
Just a couple of years ago
So different
Just united by a fandom,
The events of the year that just passed
Shocked us both
Something grew between us
We described it as 'Surprisingly Comfortable' and 'Crazy',
Then came those
Three hours
Twenty two minutes
Six seconds,
Just two weeks before our Board Exams.
It felt different
We discovered things on our way
We questioned our decisions
We got horrified at the 'Coincidences'
We made an Unbreakable Vow.
She said I inspired her to show her writings to me
I told her she inspired me to show my writing to the world.
She says her writing is amateur
I say my writing is amateur.
She asks me if I can risk getting published with her
I ask her her if she can risk working with me.
It's a surprise for her
It's a dream come true for me.
She has a hunch it's going to work
I have a hunch it's going to work.
She's determined to stay by my side
I'm determined to stay by her side.
She's committed to do this
I am committed to do this.
In our own lives we have been insecure,
But at this point -
We have an intuition,
Our conscience proclaims out loud -
'This is meant to be'
This is where
Our worlds collide.