Over the course of time and especially in the last ten years, the Middle East has experienced a complete cultural, economic and tourism transformation. If you are from Pakistan and want to know about the tour guide of the Middle East, then you are at the right place. PIA Online Flight Booking is one of the easiest ways for you to book your tickets for the Middle East for the best vacations of your life. Resorts and hotels in the Middle East are very famous and over the very top. The opulence and the structural architecture of the Middle East especially the places like Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai, Oman and Abu Dhabi are unparalleled. This makes the region the best place where the best and the biggest names in hotel and resort brands complete with the attractive local scenery.

Dubai offers you the majestic Atlantis, The Palm. The beauty and luxury lavishness of these hotels are out of the bound of words to explain as it is second to none. It is the very first, unique and one of a kind resorts which is built on an island. You can check your Lahore to Dubai ticket price right now to plan your tour.

Burj Al Arab is another luxurious hotel on an artificial island of Jumeirah beach. It is the seventh-tallest hotels in the world.

The properties and lavishness of these resorts push the limits of decor, the services they provide you with and all the amenities you can have complementary sure will take your breath away. The Middle East holds a skyline of stunning and breath-taking resorts. The beauty of every lavish resort is so amazing that to decide in which one to stay can be a little daunting.

So, we provide you with the list of best resorts to balance and clear the confusion for your decision.

Atlantis, The Palm:

No doubt that it is at the top of our list because of everything this majestic resort has to offer. It rises above from the man-made palm pinnacle of the island. It sprawled over 112 acres of area. It has 90 percent of rooms that are interconnected and more than 20 exquisite restaurants. The view of Palm Island against Dubai’s dramatic skyline from these rooms is a just dreamy place.

Tour Guide:

There are so many activities and entertainment features that you can enjoy at Atlantis. You must take the ride in Dubai Palm Cruise. It will at the West Marina on Palm Jumeirah and it will follow a fantastic route that takes you to the inner circle and the fronds of manmade palm. You will explore the view of the resort with many unique angles. There will be an ample opportunity to have ultimate photos. Ticket prices from Lahore to Dubai are very cheap at this time of year, so, there is no time to waste anymore.

Aqua venture Water Park is a must place to go when you are at palm along with the Lost Chamber Aquarium. You will explore the beauty of marine life like second to none.

The Chedi Muscat, Oman:

This beauty is nestled under the Al Hajar Mountains which are just aside the Arabian Sea. This place is well known for the magical views of sunsets as you can stroll along the fire-lit alleys with the dancing shadows of palm trees. It is one of the luxurious resorts in Oman and people from Pakistan who love to stay at quiet and romantic places go to this unparalleled resort to spend some quality time with their loved ones. if you are planning to go on vacation somewhere from Pakistan then this is the place for you. PIA online flight booking is always up and waiting for you to step ahead.

Tour Guide:

You must spend some time at the open beach to experience the best sunset of your entire life. Then you can dine outdoor for your dinner with the dancing shadows of palm trees. You can reach Muscat from any big city of Pakistan by PIA. At your stay there you sure will soak up the incredible beauty of nature and stunning views.

One & Only Royal Mirage:

As the name represents, this place actually is one and only prime and architectural beauty in Dubai. It is a classical and real sense pays tribute to actual and historical hospitality and architecture of Arabia on a truly regal scale. It is one of the most stylish yet classical beach resort in Dubai. It covers 65 acres of landscaped gardens only.

Tour Guide:

You must know that this place consists of three yet distinct environments and ambiences with each flowing and complementing the next to ignite and excite the true senses. You should get prepared for a series of different adventures there. For the very first step, you should drive to Dubai Desert for a short yet thrilling dune bashing ride. At the very heart Bedouin-style camp, you will meet with a true traditional Arab style greeting which includes dates, coffee and shawarma for starters. You can stay there to enjoy the majestic sunset views with other on-site going activities. Then you will be served with buffet BBQ dinner. The offer includes the hotels pick and drop services.


In the category of resorts Dubai is at the very top of the list. There is much more to do with staying at these resorts. You can reach Dubai with PIA with the beast of services. Check your Lahore To Dubai Ticket Price right away and be a part of one of these tremendous resorts to spend the time of your life.