A simple process to hold a reservation on Delta Airlines

Heading off for a solo trip can be fun and enjoyable but traveling with your near and dear ones turn out new memories and something beautiful. 

To experience all these things at your bucket list destination, make a perfect plan that fits you and your family, check out the places to visit, book hotel, and most important book your flight and hold it with Delta Air Lines reservations. So before it gets too late let’s hold a reservation on Delta Air Lines.

Stick with the steps to hold a reservation on Delta airlines.

Hear from a Delta Reservation Agent

If you want to travel with Delta airlines and look to out flights on Hold for up to 24 hours, then this quite tricky, especially when the flight tickets are booked online.

However, there are some ways by which you can place the Delta airlines reservations on hold. It can be for the regular no-award flights as well as for the award flights paid with miles.

Ways to hold regular Delta Flights

1. Delta Air Lines allow their customers to get the airline’s flights on hold for a maximum of 24 hours, but you are required to pay $25 extra for the tickets if they decide to purchase it from the airline itself. These charges are incurred only when the customers purchase Delta flight tickets over the phone call.

2. To hold Delta flights, first, create SkyMiles it’s a Delta’s frequent flyer program account online for free and do call directly to Delta’s customer service center for confirming the reservation by phone and ask him/her to hold the flight ticket for 24 hours as you plan to pay at the office by cash or cheque.