What you eat is what you become: Wasn’t mom right?

What you eat is what you become: Wasn’t mom right?

What we consume is what we become. Is it true? Yes, beyond doubt. Although, it cannot be seen overnight. Faith is to soul what strength is to body. Our bodies get energized from the nutrients we absorb. Biologically, the nourishing substance extracted from food, constitutes our blood, hormones and cell membranes. Therefore, there is an urgent need to feed the body with pure food and not canned food. 

What does your think tank need? :

1. Eating clean food builds your health: It’s similar to build a bank account. How do you do that? By adding something in it on routine. You need to treat your health account in a congruent fashion. If you compromise on quality of food today, you would end up being inferior tomorrow.

2. Enhance water intake: Consuming less quantity of water leads to dehydration, restlessness, fatigue and memory loss.

3. Say no to snack food: Just ‘one bite’ turns to five of them. It’s high time you put down the french fries. It would only make you dumber and lazier and you cannot afford that. You are like a sportsperson in the firm. For entrepreneurs, eating is not always about fulfilling the bottomless pit!

4. Sugar is equal to ‘empty’ calories: It contains no essential nutrients but a lot of calories. People who are inactive and are on a western diet, face metabolic malfunction.

Clean foods unlike the processed foods, contain good amount of fiber and fluid, a higher proportion of nutrients to calories, and are clear of supplementary flavors, all of it passes a sign of saturation to your brain before you take in excessive calories. By eating clean, you can curb your weight enduringly without feeling impoverished or starving or having regular cravings. Our bodies are recovering huge number of cells each day by making use of the nutrients we absorb as the source of building components. Eating healthy is the only modulus operandi that can diminish hazards of any major chronic ailment. If you do not concentrate on selecting clean foods in the first place, you know what's the gamble? Life itself, the freedom that breezes in with pleasant health, and the probability of happiness.

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