What is the Cost of Applying for Permanent Residency from India?

It is probably one of our client's most common questions while planning their immigration to Canada. "How much does it cost to apply for a Canada PR visa through Canada express entry process 2022? It's a tricky question as there is no definite answer to the cost of moving to Canada. It depends on which immigration program you are applying for and from where.

This article will discuss the cost of each step of Canadian immigration based on the two most common pathways: Federal Skilled Worker and Canadian Experience Class, which are part of Canada's express entry system. 

When we talk about the total cost of moving to Canada, we consider two stages:

  1. Stage One: Stage one includes all costs involved with applying for your visa application and obtaining it.
  2. Stage Two comprises the expenses of making the big move to Canada.

The costs of the first stage if you are migrating to Canada via express entry program, your average costs depending on the family size, will be as follows:

Applicable Government Fee


Your application

Processing fee ($850) and right of permanent residence fee ($515)

Your application (without right of permanent residence fee)

Include your spouse or partner

Processing fee ($850) and right of permanent residence fee ($515)

Include a dependent child

Language testing fee

Criminal record check

Medical test

Biometric fee




230 per child 

230+ taxes 

25 for each background check

$150 CAD to $280 CAD, depending on applicant’s age

C$ 85.00 (per person) / C$ 170.00 (for a family of 2 or more)

If you are applying under federal skilled worker program, or federal skilled trades category (unless you have secured a job offer from Canada or work authorization), you must demonstrate the following proof of funds as part of your Canada PR visa application.

Your family size determines your settlement funds. The funds need to be liquid or available and have no debts. Even if your spouse and dependent children do not accompany you to Canada, you must have sufficient funds as per your family size to settle in Canada. Please refer to the below table to know more:

Number of family members
Funds required (in Canadian dollars)
$28, 052
For each additional family member

Please note that your settlement funds are your personal funds, and they are not part of Canada immigration fee. Rather, you need these funds to ensure a smooth and comfortable start of a new life in Canada.

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