There are countless health and wellness benefits associated with Singapore massage treatments, and massage therapy in general for that matter. This is why Singapore massage treatments and services are currently so highly sought after in the country. The only downside is the fact that because massage therapy is so popular and so lucrative, everybody wants their own unique slice of the pie. As a result of this, there are a number of non-reputable and unqualified amateur massage therapist masquerading as professionals. We understand that everybody has to start as an amateur, but to help you get the most from your Singapore massage treatments, here’s a look at 4 common mistakes made by amateur massage therapists. 

Choosing the wrong location – When it comes to setting up your own massage therapy treatment centre, location is everything. Believe it or not, but massage Singapore airport location services are proving very popular, due to the fact that there is a lot of traffic to and from the airport and the massage treatment centre every single day as a result. Surprisingly, thanks to sound proofing and so on, you’ll find that massage Singapore airport location centres are surprisingly quiet, so the massage is not interrupted in the slightest. 

Being unprofessional – When you decide to get into the massage therapy business, one thing you need to remember is that you are running a business and that you should always be professional. Clients may very well ask persistent questions, as well as cancel, turn up late, or miss appointments completely. Our natural response is to vent and lash out, but in business, it pays to always be professional. Answer any questions your client may have (as long as they are reasonable), bite your tongue when you are irritated, and never act aggressively, passive-aggressively, or out of turn. The same goes for you as well. Don’t cancel appointments or move appointments around unless it is an emergency, as that is a guaranteed way of losing business. 

Interrupting treatments – When it comes to Singapore massage treatments, the entire point of a massage is to relax your client and help all of their stresses and troubles melt away. If you are constantly pausing your treatments to answer the telephone, send emails, make calls, or do anything else for that matter, this will break up the flow of the treatment and will result in your clients not returning for follow up appointments. 

Not creating the perfect environment – Noise can be a big problem when it comes to massage treatment, even though many of the most successful massage Singapore airport location centres are surprisingly quiet. Ensure your treatments are as quiet as possible to create a relaxing environment. As well as that, you need to make sure that the treatment room itself is just right. In winter, it needs to be nice and warm. In the summer, it needs to be nice and cool. Your massage table is also vitally important, so it is worth spending more money on getting a good quality one. Not only should it be sturdy, it should also be as comfortable as possible.