Although Panasonic is not a specialty power tool company, they have been producing high quality drills for some time now. Their models fall in the 12V, 14V and 18V categories. The 12V category of Panasonic cordless drills produce enough power to surpass what you would expect for a drill meant to handle small projects. However this drill is not capable of performing in large projects such as building a deck. The 14V category of Panasonic cordless drills brings in more power for those who would like to work on more demanding projects. The main advantage of this drill is that even with the increased power, it still offers the same lightweight properties of the lighter versions of Panasonic cordless drills.  However some of the users have complained about short warranties offered with the product, a very small grip which is a bit uncomfortable for those with large hands and the use of the slightly outdated nickel metal hydride in the batteries. This makes the drill inferior to other comparable drills in the market which use lithium ion batteries.

Should you buy Panasonic cordless drills?

Panasonic cordless drills, especially the 15.6 volt half-inch cordless drill and driver kit, have an ergonomic design which allows you to work effectively and comfortably. This applies to both the professionals as well as those who want to carry out their own do-it-yourself projects. This is because of their functionality whether you are carrying out easy construction, plumbing as well as electrical installations. The drill can be used to can also be used to carry out various functions throughout your projects making it a versatile power tool. For instance the drill can be used to drive in screws using different speeds and clutch settings. The drill is also perfect for drilling deep holes even in hardwood work benches. This is because of its ability to maintain speed even when working under strain. The drill however gets hot in the process although it does not over heat to affect performance. So the main strong points why you should think about purchasing Panasonic cordless power drills is the high output power levels.

Caring for your Panasonic drill Parts

Like any other cordless power tool, one of the main parts that can cause problems if not properly cared for is the battery. This would necessitate the purchase of a replacement battery within a short while. This can be easily prevented if you take proper care for your battery. The first thing you should to ensure optimum performance from you battery is keeping it clean. This can be done easily using cotton swabs dipped in alcohol. The next consideration is long-term storage of the battery. If you are not planning to use your drill for a long period, you should store the battery separately in a cool, dry Panasonic cordless drill uses sealed lead acid batteries they must be kept at full-charge all the time. This is done with the help of a trickle charger. Otherwise the battery cannot be stored for more than three months.