When my daughter, a professor returned to home, her three year daughter started to cry She tried to pacify little girl thinking she might want something to eat or toys to play. She didn't stopped and continued to cry inconsolably. She wanted to tell something and her mother realised that she was worried about her mama (maternal uncle) who live in Delhi, that corona virus spread may hurt him. Nu assurance helped to pacify her that he is ok and taking all precautions to keep infection at bay. She insisted to call him and her mother called on Delhi. Incidentally he was not aware about the context and was in important meeting so asked to call later if it is not an emergency. She was now absolute skeptical that  he is avoiding to talk because of corona virus fever! She continued to cry and finally my daughter thought her younger mama who was in Bihar may  be given context about the circumstances and talk like elder mama and give her confident that every thing is ok with him. Voice of both are almost same and we sometime get confused who one is on phone. But she differentiated the voice and asked for video call!

Finally on lapse of time, elder mama was free from the meeting and were able to establish video call. She than insisted that corona is deadly virus and you return home and leave Delhi at earliest!

Continuous news on TV make huge impact on kids and they get really tense.

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