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I have used both Whatsapp and Telegram, but if I were honestly asked, I would rate Telegram better than Whatsapp. I'm not saying Whatsapp is bad, but the telegram has some characteristics that give it an advantage over Whatsapp. The telegram is completely free, you don't even need a balance to speak. I would definitely recommend that you join the telegram and make friends all over the world.

We all want things, especially with our friends and loved ones. But how many times have you been disappointed because you couldn't send the video because it was too big. With Whatsapp, you can only send up to 16 MB of video, and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of Whatsapp. Don't be disappointed anymore, with Telegram you can send a video with a size of 1.5 GB. Isn't that amazing? Indeed it is.

But for some of us it is still not very relevant. That is because there are problems with data consumption. Most of us have limited data. We are running out of data very soon. But there is a way we can reduce the data consumption when sending files. Click on Options and then on Automatic Media Download, and that way we can change the settings as we like.

Do you know what the most outstanding feature is?  You must have seen how your friends share invitation links. When an invitation link is sent for a group of telegrams, you can join the group without the admins permission or the admins approval. This feature of the telegram makes it one of the most important related applications on the market. However whatsapp also has the same function. By simply opening the link, new users are redirected to a specific telegram group.

After reading all this, nobody could resist, and I knew that. Opening a new telegram group is the new idea that came to your mind because everyone here wants to connect with new people.

One beautiful day I opened the group and it was full of invitations and I was very surprised. Suddenly a new window opened and I was redirected to another group with other participants. The most amazing thing was that I had suddenly joined a new telegram group by simply clicking on the link. Isn't that amazing, friends? I decided to have some fun, so I created a new telegram and shared the link with everyone I knew. Adding friends to a group has become much easier because the manual method of adding using the phone number is no longer necessary, and that's what the telegram offers.

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