A sword is an important weapon larger than a knife or dirk having cutting edges that varies in length and width with capability of sharp cutting. It is handed weapon used with professional skills or not, for self-defense and attack.


Initially swords were introduced in 1600 BC. In Europe sword were used since Roman time. First sword was used properly in 1910. Now a day, technology has advancement, we are living in the time of advance weapons so commonly use of sword is not so much as earlier. trend of sword has been decreased so much that today we see Final fantasy sword just in different games.

In the early history, swords were Consider as main powerful weapon in the war. With the passage of time depend upon sword as a winning tool changed. Use of swords have reached to an end. During the modern age military importance of swords steadily decreased, but still swords are considered as a powerful weapon.  

Importance of Sword in a war:

Sword is pure war weapon as pole or axes are weapons used for hunting purpose. Sword make the man brave in fighting as it is one of the powerful weapons. If you are carrying a sword, people think you as battler or fighter.  Sword is a sharper weapon which harm the enemy a massive. In war, if you are riding on a horse with sword, you are the most dominant and energetic one in the battle. From historical perspective, sword was most commonly used weapon in the war. It was not much expensive tool or weapon. Swords were used for short range enemy troops. 

Comparatively, sword is quicker and light weight than other weapons like axes, pikes or spears etc. sword is easy to use and an effective weapon in the war. If a battler has professional skills to use the sword then he can defeat and handle multiple opponents in front of him in in the a civilian context, it is easier to injure your enemy. In general term, sword is considered as personal weapon, it means swords are made mostly for individual combat. Surely, sword is versatile weapon having great strength and it sum up many qualities in it and it can be taken in daily routine. 

Sword is flexible in war and this make its strength. As sword is one handed weapon, so mostly it is paired with another weapon to make it more potential for defense. Combination of sword and dagger is very effective, especially larger sword damages more. Also, Swords were not the main weapon for the war, but troops use it beside other weapons for safety. To easily decapitate anyone, long sword or bastard sword deliver a well stroke. 

Final fantasy baby swords are Japanese science and made by the historical overview and put in the Japanese games. These swords are designed as old swords. These swords are also in small sizes so, if a baby is in baby stroller, he or she can also play with it. There are many types of swords in these games. These swords do not commonly and physically exist. Final Fantasy Sword gives us the idea and fighting style of the old battels. today, swords can also be used for fighting and safety. No doubt, it is energetic weapon.