Home repairs can be tedious and draining, but they are part of the deal. When you have a house (or townhouse or condo), you become responsible for maintaining that space. Instead of dreading repair tasks, use them as a chance to green up your lifestyle and improve the health of the environment. It's not hard to see how they help when you consider the many ways that small repairs can help you live a greener life. 

1. Reduce Drafts

Even small repairs like calling or installing weatherstripping around windows and doors can help reduce drafts in your home. This means lower energy use and less waste. Not only is it good for the environment, but it's also a boost for your wallet. 

Start by identifying any gaps that are causing issues. Check around windows for curtains or shades that move on a windy day. You can also feel if the air right around a window or door is cooler or warmer (Depending on the outside temperature) than other parts of the room. If you have pipes or electrical lines leaving your foundation, you'll want to sell those, too. 

2. Support Alternative Fuels

If you are looking at a larger renovation, consider adding alternative fuel sources to your home. From geothermal heating and cooling systems to solar panels, there are options for just about any size home. Plus, the rebates and incentives make adding alternative fuels an attractive and affordable option. 

The best option for you will depend on a number of factors. One of those is location. In states like massachusetts solar panel installations are popular, while many midwest homes may turn to wind turbines. 

3. Eliminate Pests Naturally

Instead of spraying potentially toxic and harmful chemicals all around your home, make some small repairs that can help reduce indoor pests naturally. Sealing those holes and gaps should help even if that wasn't your intention, and there are a few other steps you can take.

Start by replacing or repairing screens on windows and doors. Having holes in your screens is like posting an open invitation to bugs to come on in. A pantry renovation that uses sealed containers will help reduce pests and, if you opt for reusable or repurposed glass containers, it can have a bigger earth-friendly impact on your lifestyle. 

4. Conserve Water

Fixing leaking faucets and running toilets can cut down on wasted water. And, since the water supply is so important for maintaining the health of Earth's environmental systems, every drop counts. 

Many faucets leak because of worn washers and gaskets. These can often be replaced for a couple of dollars or less, plus a little bit of your time. Check out a helpful online tutorial if you don't know where to start. 

In cases where it is time to replace fixtures, look up which flow options to have the biggest impact.


5. Promote Local Foods

Not all repairs take place inside the home. You can spruce up your yard to reap some environmental benefits, too. Now is a great time to grow a garden. This is a task that everyone in the family can get on board with. Let kids help pick out plants or seeds so they are invested in the garden's success. 

Take over an unused corner area and plant some easy to grow herbs or vegetables. You'll have the benefit of fresh, local, and healthy food choices in a few months, plus you won't have to worry about what chemicals were used to produce it. A huge, often overlooked, benefit of fixing up the yard is that you will reduce travel since your family will be more inclined to stay home and enjoy the space. That means fewer miles on your vehicle and a smaller carbon footprint for your household.

6. Build a Compost System

While you are working on backyard repairs, find scrap lumber or fencing that can be used to create a compost system. In reality, this can be as simple as a big pile of organic material that gets moved around the yard, but keeping it contained reduces pests digging through it. 

Even small repairs can have a big impact. Whether you choose to go full force and install solar panels, or you want to start small by fixing that leaking kitchen faucet, the home repairs you perform make a difference.