I’m from Temple city Bhubaneswar capital city of Odisha. But basically, my forefather belongs to Astaranga place in Puri Dist. The reason for this little bit of introduction is this sweet dish “Rasabali”. Some of the dist. Of Odisha basically famous for the different type of sweets which made from pure Chhena (Paneer/Farmer cheese). This one is well known sweet of Puri & Kendrapada Dist. And this Rasabali is one of the dishes from Chhapana Bhoga which is offered in Jagannath Temple. Again, here Chhapana is Odiya count of 56 & Chhapana Bhoga means 56 types of prasad which used to offer   Lord Jagannath. Also, Rasabali is offered as main Prasad in the Baladev jew Temple of Kendrapada.

     About Rasabali:

The ingredients for this recipe is so simple only we need Milk & to prepare Chhena (Paneer/Farmer cheese) some vinegar or lime also good to go & some cardamom for the flavour. Very easy steps to follow need to prepare golden brown colour fried flatten chhena which needs to soak in thicken milk or in simple term you can say before the milk get rabdi the consistency we get the same we use here for Rasabali as we need to soak these fried chhena petties in this milk so that the proper sweetness & the consistence we can get.