There are tons of search engines and browsers that are used by people for all sorts of work. One that is used the most and is also the most popular browser is Google chrome.

It offers tons of features and filters but it also has a few problems that may cause trouble to the user over time. One of the most annoying issues when it comes to computers and laptops is the excessive memory use by chrome.

Chrome using too much memory can only be justified with the fact that chrome is the most important factor when it comes to browsing since most of the activities like streaming YouTube, opening new tabs, and using web apps along with extensions that work side by side with your machine which increases the workload significantly.

Another reason why chrome is having a high memory usage is that it makes sure to split every tab and extension so that the whole process may not come crashing down in case a single tab stops working.

This helps you with your work but it also puts a lot of load on the browser which in turn results in the increment of memory usage of chrome. The prerendering feature can also be taken into notice as it also plays a major part in the high memory usage as it helps in optimizing the work by making the pages load faster.

It is safe to say that chrome has a high memory usage but for all the right reasons, for most of it too.