Portland is the largest city in Oregon. It is known in the Pacific Northwest for being environmentally sound, bike-friendly and culturally diverse, organizing big farmers markets, music festivals and many other events weekly. Portland has something to offer to both tourists and locals. 

It sounds great, right? And if you really consider moving to Portland, there are certain things you have to know about the city.

Local community
Portland citizens are very friendly and open-minded, so it is really easy to start a conversation literally with anybody just right on the street. There are lots of special interest clubs, art communities, volunteer associations, parks for pet owners, weekly events and other opportunities to meet new people, get to know your neighbors better and so on. That is why it is said to be easy to build a new community in Portland and get used to your new place of living.

Portland residential areas
Portland is divided into 5 residential districts – North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. Landscapes, home styles, availability of public transportation, cultural aspects, the amount of wine shops, etc. – everything differs in each neighborhood. To give an example, if you are a coffee lover or like spending evenings in cozy cafes, the Northwest will suit you the best. On the other hand, if you are looking for more funky vibes, choose the Southeast. Looking for the top moving company in portland? Have a peek at this web-site

Food experience
Talking about eating out in Portland, the first word that springs to our mind is quality. All the local restaurants and cafes use organic, naturally-grown ingredients directly from farmers or farmer markets. The atmosphere of dining places are very relaxing, though the exterior and interior may seem either funky or way too high-end. But remember, it is Portland, one of the weirdest cities across the country. So, do not mind bright decorations, huge lines in front of coffee shops and talkative barmen. Relax and enjoy!

Beer and other beverages
Oregon is the state with the biggest amount of brew houses per head of the population. In Portland alone, there are more than 100 breweries that are really serious about making high-quality “bronson”. Every cafe and restaurant offer at least 1 kind of local craft beer. What is more, you can find brewery products even in movie theaters.
Other drinks are taken seriously as well. They may be named silly and look weird, but all of them are made of high-quality ingredients and prepared elaborately.