It is really tragedy when nice people are tested so much.I really feel sad that Nandan chetan after struggling so much could not enjoy his retired life at all.Some stories are so sorrowful.They struggled so many years in Gulf.The home that I live in belongs to them.By quirk of fate I landed in Kerala.I never wanted to leave Mumbai where my school friends classmates from my childhood stay.I like my classmates from MSST.Wherever my parents stay I get clinged on to them bcos I have not seen anyone other than them in this world.I feel a strong connect with my mother and father.That will never change.Now I stay at Pkd for sometime and Thottipal for sometime.Till my last breath whatever small work I can do I will do.Now I think only about helping my father in farm and my content writing work.I am not much knowledgeable like emy peers.They have lot of knowledge ,I am a small snail in there group.Hope they assign me simple work today bcos i don't want to give big hopes and then falter in my job.If I commit big promises and then fail in my job it wont look good.Thank you dear friends.