What to know about the paint gun?

Advantages and disadvantages of the paint gun. Paint guns speed up the work of painters on a home. The equipment offers its user to paint a large surface inside and out. This will save you precious time when the urge to change color arises.

The advantages of the paint gun?

First, paint guns are easy to use tools. Because all you need to do is pull a trigger to color a surface. This way, you won't be using your arms for up and down movements when coloring like with roller paints. Paint guns will also allow access to hard-to-reach surfaces. This is one of the advantages of the tool over paint rollers. Admittedly, the latter can access several surfaces, but in most cases require the inclination of the rollers. This can cause discomfort for the painter who must also perform tilting with part of his body. In addition, the spray guns guarantee a homogeneous finish.

The disadvantages of the paint gun

Before repainting interior walls, the existing paint should be cleaned. This operation is recommended when you want to apply new coloring. However, cleaning takes a long time when the wall has been stained with the gun before. In addition, the tool diffuses a spray of paint which can scatter on non-target surfaces. For this specific case, you have to think of protective systems like plastics.

Types of paint guns

There are two types of paint guns on the market. You can find an electric pistol or a high compression pistol. Electric guns diffuse paints at low pressure. They are recommended for painting surfaces inside a home. As for the high compression guns, they will spread high pressure paints on your interior and exterior walls. The material chosen also affects the thickness of the paint. For example, you need to consider a high end gun with a strong motor to have a thick, single coat color. While with a low-end model, you need to apply three coats since the paint is slightly thinned.

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Using the gun

The paint guns allow you to work quickly when painting the interior. As an estimate, they will cover 15 min 2 s in 5 minutes. However, the area covered will depend on the type of paint as well as its dilution rate. High pressure guns are used by directly connecting paint can. However, low pressure guns require filling the tank with diluted paint to facilitate the exit of coloring liquids on the nozzle. For information, the ideal is to use a fluid paint to paint at low pressure. To check the fluidity, you can test 500 ml of paint on cardboard. When the diluted paint is not sufficiently fluid, you should add a little water or environmentally friendly paint. In practice, oil paints should be added with 5% to 10% thinner or white spirit. On the other hand, water-based or acrylic paints require the addition of 5% to 10% water.