Rahab was a harlot, a sinner, yet she found God's favor and was saved by Him. Thought why?

Reason 1: She trusted in the miracles of God (Joshua 2:10).

Reason 2: She trusted in God's promises and His Word (Joshua 2:9).

Reason 3: She supported God's kingdom and gave shelter to His people (Joshua 2:4-6). Though you're a sinner but you support God's church/people, He will show favor for you and you will get saved.

Reason 4: She applied the blood of the Lamb upon her house (Joshua 2:18). During the Passover season, the people of Israel likewise applied the blood on the forehead of their house doors. This saved them from the spirit of death.

Reason 5: She and her household stayed inside her house to which a scarlet cord (blood of the Lamb) was tied (Joshua 2:19). The scarlet cord represents the blood of Jesus Christ which delivers and protects. You see, when you move outside the Body of Christ or Christ’s blood, you find yourself in danger. On the contrary, when you are within the blood, you are all covered and safe. The tempter (Satan) lurking outside the house will always try to draw you out, so that he could kill you just as the fox preys on the little one who mistakenly move out of the herd.

Reason 6: She was obedient and stuck to her word (Joshua 2:21). And, as you’ll read further, the entire city was delivered into Joshua’s hands by the Lord, however, only Rahab and her family were spared (Joshua 6:17,25).

Photo Credit: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash