The project management has come far ahead and even long run with the changing scenario of the time. The working scenario has been completely transformed from the use pen to latest methodology and technologies. The use of sophisticated software is enabling managers to handle the projects easily. Not only the working software is changing with the changes in time but even the expectations and business practices have undergone drastic changes. All the old methodology and outdated tools are kept beside. pmp exam Here is the emergence of new trends that business is witnessing over a short duration of time.

Adoption of The Collaboration Tools In Widespread:

There exists no confusion regarding the results increment after the collaboration. All the project management that are ancient or conventional is widely replaced by the collaboration software like the Jive, Slack and yammer. All the mangers associated with the projects needs to use their skills and expertise in changing the management for adopting the platform of the collaborations. In fact, many of the business intelligence specialist of the organizations are completely focusing on the collaboration of multi-users just for handling the projects. If anything, this collaboration trend will be getting more popular in coming days.

For New Product Development, Implement Project Portfolio Management (PPM):

NPD has completely merged with the PPM with the trending of Internet of things has somewhere given the rise of the new brands development like GenSight in the specific filed of enterprise product creation. The maximum numbers of the project managers are completely focused on delivering much improvised products and services that can easily meet the need and demand of trending market of being agile to the targeted customers. In fact, the NPD PPM is extending and is its application will be soon available to the offline solutions.

Emotional Intelligence Is Sought After In Project Managers:

To get success in the project management as project manager or project coordinator, it has become more imperative to hold emotional intelligence and soft skills. In fact, all the project managers should have the capability of managing emotions in the office environment. He should have the awareness of handling emotions and should have the potential of using emotions for problem solving and should be good enough in regulating his emotions for cheering up the environment of the office. The main reason behind gaining emphasis of EQ is that it drives peers engagement better, reduction of turnovers and improving the loyalty and productive that directly affects the company’s profit.
Losing value of PMP Certification: for a longer period of time, there had been the craze and demand for certified professionals in PM domain. Organization now-a-days prefer skilled professional than certified professionals because skilled employees actually try to display management skills because they hold expertise in the field they are working in.

Agile Management: Since history the agile management was mainly applied to the field of software. In present days it is used in every sector like graphic designing, finance and marketing.

Mixed up methodology: Organizations are making changes to use the blended methodology that derived from different aspects related to scrum, agile and other different methods. All they demand is the better result. The blended approach has improved the success ratios of project that adds value to the business.

Gaining ground at the remote workstations: The operation of working from the remote location is becoming more popular in present days. Organizations are even allowing this because it has proved in increasing engagement which finally leads to better productivity. Most of the employees want to work with no dog watch over them as they want to work freely and bring creativity. But this method is applicable only if the employees are proactive.

Automation: Work like time sheet filing, regular basis updates are simple and are not on the high position of the interesting activities. Automation tools are now integrated into the system of generating reminders and status so as to simplify the project management. Many of the brands and companies are going for extending the addition bots for the tasks.

Big Data: the most important technology that is trending the impact of project management. It is emerging as the basic need of the project management so as to process heavy data effectively and much effectively. It even helps in the identifying the weak link ups in the team so as to resolve it with best possible solution.

Integration of learning from the legacy projects: there are many important lessons in project management in successful legacy projects of a particular firm. The specific project executive can include the factors of success from projects by simply training the team members on the effective approaches that was utilized previously.

With the system of trend changing in the professional environment and working together of the team remotely is of great importance for any project manager. All the above mentioned trends are much needed for the success of any project manager.