The question of hosting a website arises when you want to create your own, for informational, commercial, or artistic, or other purposes. Several types of accommodation exist. What is their role, what is their importance in building and putting a website online? Response elements.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a means of storing internet data on a server. These storage spaces are made available by service providers who provide you, depending on the type of hosting you have chosen, an entire server (dedicated hosting) or storage space on a server shared between different Internet users (shared hosting and VPS). SEO Training in Lahore.

What is his role?

Its role, for any type of hosting, is to provide you with enough storage space to allow you to create your website. You also have a limited number (depending on the offers) of mailboxes, a domain name, subdomains, etc. It makes your website accessible to everyone 24/7.

What is its importance in putting a website online?

Its importance is paramount. Of course, you can always set up a server yourself, but it could be very expensive and complicated if you don't have strong computer skills. Your hosting, depending on the offer to which you subscribe, will give you more or less storage space, more or fewer mailboxes, but above all, it is it which will allow you to have your own domain name. Most hosting solutions offer you a pre-installation of CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc… which allows you to benefit from their advantages and their technicality.

What are the types of accommodation?

There are three types: - Dedicated hosting (or dedicated server): you are the only person to have access to it, all the storage capacities are reserved for you. However, you will need good computer knowledge for its administration, and the price is higher than shared hosting. It is preferred by sites facing heavy traffic, such as large business sites. - Shared hosting: this is a type of hosting offered by hosts that divides a server into several parts, and makes its different parts available to different people who will share the server's resources. Less expensive, it is the ideal solution for sites that generate low or medium traffic.

- Virtual private hosting: or VPS for Virtual Private Server in English, halfway between dedicated and shared hosting, it allows you to share a server with other people, with the difference that it is flexible as a dedicated server and gives access to an equal share of storage to everyone. Web Hosting in Lahore.