Why printer won't scan the document?

If you're able to print your documents on the printer of your brother but you are unable to scan any document. This could be because of a variety of reasons. In this post, I will provide some steps to solve the issue such as Brother printer prints but won't scan.

1. The first step is to must check your connection to the network. It could be that the internet connection is not working. This is why you're unable to check the scans on your computer.

2. Let's print a photo to your printer, and then try to scan it using your printer. Check to see if the image is printing right now or not.

3. Make sure that your printer is configured for default printing. You can print to the printer that is the default. It is possible to go to scanners and printers, then determine which printer is assigned to be the primary printer. If you can't locate your printer in the list of default scanners. It is necessary to select your scanner, then press the button to set it as default. Try scanning something on your computer.

4. Make sure you check the settings for your driver Check the settings for your printer; perhaps it is out of date. This is why you're experiencing this kind of issue.

5. Following these steps If your printer not scanning documents, it is. You must uninstall the driver for the printer, and then reboot your computer.

When your computer is restarted, you must install the latest driver. Once you follow these steps the printer will begin scanning documents. If it's not scanning documents, leave a post a comment or visit askprob to resolve the printer issues of your brother. We can assist you to fix the issue.

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