My school life was quite interesting, I had received lots of titles, made friends as well as enemies and the last but not the least punishments given by the teachers. I was a very naughty student and used to make animals sound in-between the classes with my group mates. Below are the funny things I did, and reward received in return. 

Foremost thing which I really hated and on which I received several titles was Yawning its catching, as we all recognize, it's not laid-back to control.  And no teacher adores seeming the scholars yawning in their lecture, particularly my Maths Teacher (Mahendra Pal Singh).

When I was in the eighth standard, he accustomed take our Maths lectures. Everybody adored the way he imparted formulas, nonetheless at the similar time were be afraid of his nifty punishments.

 If he captured two students chatting during his talk. He summoned them in front of the entire class and made them slap each other one by one as tough as they can. This sustained till the time the echo of slap ranges to the back bench. Besides the backbenchers would deny to perceive the slap every lone time. Bastards!

 He had called his leader (a dense fat stick) MPS after his opening, and would wicker the back of our hands in intense cases (alike hooting all through his class, unbuttoned shirts or overlooking his table).

Altogether the time he had chalk in his fingers and would throw them in the direction of the students who were not disbursing courtesy. His goal was flawless. Occasionally he was big-hearted and asked graciously to go and rinse the face and come back.

 So this lone time, I was feeling drowsy in his class. I was underneath the radar of MPS and had already reserved two ruthless chalk hits. Sir excused me. I washed face and emanated back to class. And then, then I yawned one last time.

 Sir come around me, asked me to open my mouth wide open then he put a full-sized chalk right amid my two cliques of teeth. And the class sustained.

Yawning is infectious, as we all know. However, it's easier to control when the chalks are white and teeth are yellow, particularly in the class of MPS.