Avaahan (Rambling)

Life speaks with you through every element of its surroundings. The soul connects with each and everything it sees around you. The little hands of the creators’ creations touch your innate thoughts, from unimaginable angles they talk to your subconscious.

The electrical currents passing over your head are buzzing and sending messages vociferously from one end of the world to another. They create such a buzz, if you intercept it at the right moment you might get what you want. The immeasurable sounds, touch, smells, and voices are there to help you. There is nothing in this world to be afraid of. If you see it critically then you will realize that the negative energies might be many. But are on the periphery and lest you let them touch you they would not dare to come closer. You are enveloped by the loving, lively, affirmative energies; Mysteries of nature, of man and God, are all together. Each day morning does a soul-searching exercise for a minute or two and makes an Avaahan to the elements of nature, To help you perform the best!!

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