Do you remember what used to be the most interesting part of your college lectures or school classes ? The ones which are hard to handle and impossible to think of without letting out a smile or even a laugh sometimes.


 . . . .

 . . .

 . .

It was your encounter with the simplest , effervescent, detoxifying, natural phenomenon ,


So what exactly happens when you are sitting in your class and sleep overpowers you?

This is how the situation unfolds

1) The muscles of your neck suddenly loose power as if they have been crushed under the force of your skull which carries your queer brain.

2) Next your spine gives off and make you feel as if it would collapse the next minute.

3) Your brain not knowing what to do makes your hands stiff and you grip the chair you are sitting on.

4) Your eyelids begin to weight like an elephant and force themselves on your eyes. You with all your might try to push open your eyes .(You sometimes make a mental note to carry a clothes'pin next time so that you can easily pin up your eyelids the next time this thing happens.)

5) When you try to force open your eyes, your vision flickers and you cannot differentiate between the neck and head of your teacher.And then the blue shirt and yellow check on it merge and you suddenly feel that the teacher is wearing a green shirt looking like a spinach ( here you suddenly catch yourself thinking about the Popeye cartoon!).

6) Immediately after that, you would feel as if you are unable to hear what the teacher is saying,you would toss and turn and even punch your ear, but in vain. After that you will only be able to hear your next-side sitting friend. Slowly that voice would also start to bloat.

7) Consequently , the voice of your friend starts mingling with the actions of your teacher( who is seeming dumb to you). And you feel why suddenly the laws of motion topic changed to the arrogant nature of one of your classmate.

8) Thereafter, you feel as if the teacher's mouth is starting to bloat, his voice inaudible and his sleek body appearing to be too much obese for his little legs.

9) Finally , unable to bear the strangeness in the air, ie, a dumb teacher looking like a caricature, people sitting around whose voices have become too heavy and a need to find a clothes' pin urgently to push your eyelids up, you finally give up, lower down your head and shut your eyes.

Ah ! it feels like heaven.

But the irony is that the next second your friend digs her elbow in your ribs and you realise that all eyes are staring at you (And you feel like digging a tunnel underneath you and hibernate yourself for sometime!).