The college life is one of the best amazing moments of every person's life. If you ask your seniors, most of them would be missing their college life, some of them would also be regretting about few things which they never did in college life. Though we are sometimes frustrated about college life and schedules, but if we see ourselves after 3-4 years, we will regret and miss the moments a lot. There are two most common goals everyone wants to achieve: 1. Personal Growth 2. Professional/Career Growth

In this blog, I will share 7 things one should do while studying in college to balance the personal and professional life. We should not lack behind any one of things otherwise we may regret in the coming time.

So, to keep moving on track and fulfilling both the basis needs of every college going students:

1. Create a community with your batchmates: Create a community with your batchmates where you can exchange your ideas, discussions, debates and suggestions on various topics or things happening around the world. This will give you a lot of knowledge, and also the ability to express yourself in front of the group. Things always start from small so don't regret if you couldn't share your ideas and contribute in a better way. Instead, ask your friends to help you out in improving yourself. 

And remember a small saying: You are an average of five persons in your cirlces. Therefore, you need to be careful while choosing your cirlces. 

2. Participate as much as you can: You may or may not be a contestant in each and every event or programs but you must join every event as an audience. Ask your friends to join with you in every event that's happening in the college campus. This will give you lot of experiences and ideas while seeing so many people performing and taking part in their desired programs and competing over it. Those real life experiences will help you out in either one way or another. So, without tickting cost there will lot to explore and experience in each and every event happening in college campus. 

3. Be friends with your seniors and juniors: Learning should be flexible and this is one of the most best thing which I personally recommend to everyone. Doing friendship with your seniors and juniors will give you two different perspective of seeing the future and the past.

-Your senior friends had already experienced your life and therefore they will make you aware about what to do and what not to do? Every person with regrets never wants anyone to commit the same mistake and therefore you should listen to them and make sure you are loyal and disciplined otherwise you won't get the right support from them. And the second thing, you need to choose only those seniors who have a good remarks and not bad reputation. 

-Your juniors most of the times will be excited about the new college life (just like you were). So, this will again take you back to a lot of things where you will be able to identify yourself and compare it to present life. This will make you recall yourself and be the actual you. These thoughts will be yet another perspective to give a different angle to your thoughts. 

4. Corporate Life Experience: So many students think there's a lot of time to experience the corporate life as you have to spend your years in it. But, remember the more earlier you start, much better it will be. Therefore, with having no regrets, you should start finding different Internship opportunities and apply to all of it. Keep applying to every Internship, you will get rejected at beginning, but don't worry take lessons and make changes and keep re-applying. You will get a better Internship for sure. So, you should start getting real corporate world experiences as early as you can. Take help from your seniors in this, or ask your friends group to be a part of it and start identifying Internship opportunities. 

(Note: If you are waiting for a official notice from college to do Internship, then trust me, you will be losing so much. Therefore, you should start maintaining your time and managing it to continue college classes also and giving 3-4 hours to Internship each day. You can work more in the weekends when the classes will be off. But college notices and time schedules keep fluctuating, so do not wait for it. There are many virtual internships, which you can do sitting in your home or hostel, without moving outside). 

5. Be confident and dedicated: Don't let the negativity around you shut down or compress your inner voice. I am saying this because not only in college campus but in life you will meet a lot of negativity who would like to compress you and defeat you. You need to be confident and believe in yourself so much so that no any negativity can compress. Therefore, the 5 thing to do is not to lose confidence. You may be compressed by your friends, Professors or staffs. So you don't have to lose yourself and break your mind out of such thoughts as given by them. Rise above it and do not focus on it. If things hurt you, then you should be in peace for a while or walk in silence. 

6. Give more and more presentations and keep improving each day: So many of us are afraid to speak in front of public, in classroom or in seminar hall. But the fear will bring more ineffectiveness in your life as public speaking skills is one of the most important things which is required everywhere. You can't get away from it. You need to make a habit of giving presentation, this will not only boost you internally but also make you express yourself to large crowd. A good preparation for the coming life. 

7. Read Books: Yes, last but the important one. Being in a college life, you can manage a lot of time which you can't manage in the coming time. You may or may not get the free and the cool time. Therefore, this is the right time to transform yourself and upgrade your lifestyle. You should start reading self help books each day. This will have multiple source of knowledge and rich thoughts which will enhance your life. So, if you wanna upgrade yourself then you should keep reading books whenever you get time.

Some of the popular books you must read once in the time- The Monk who sold his Ferrari, Rich Dad Poor Dad, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Power of Sub-conciou mind and similar self help books. 

This post was dedicated to everyone of my friends studying in college or are going to start their college life. My all the best wishes to them and yes, thank you so much for giving time in reading this blog. I hope we both together have learnt a lot and improve us each day! Good luck!!!