by Mantri Mark 


“Life is nothing but all miracles. What one think is different and the happening is other. One cannot take into account the cognizance of our thinking and planning.  But, what we plan and think go nearer to realty, but success or failure is different. One should accept both bravely. Life will grow without any stop. Only thing is that people have to grow financially, that too in time, and more particularly when people are young.

What is the use of getting huge money when one is old? The enjoyment that gets for the money when young is different than that of enjoying at old age.  Timely enjoyment is needed. So, it’s all ones luck and fate.  One cannot guess anything good in life, in advance. Rather, one should be ready at scratch point at all times. Scratch base is needed for any project/work. But, however, one should be alert in life and do hi/her duty, whether it is for self or family sake or for parents sake. One should have generosity helping and supporting nature with some smart helping heart and mind.’’

Mantri Marku