I have went to a lot of summer and winter weddings and I saw an interesting thing there  . In summer wedding's our ( boy's ) dress is Kurta pyjama, Sherwani etc. while for girl's is lehenga , sarees of latest trend with majority of them wearing backless . On a freezing day of winter I went to attend a wedding wearing coat with trousers and still I was feeling cold but when I reached the venue I was shocked to see girl's wearing their backless dresses with no sleeves . It was so cold that heaters were brought to give relief to people but cold has no effect on girl's as they were enjoying wedding as it was summer not winter . I saw a girl who was in my class so we started talking and after sometime she started feeling cold as she also was wearing backless dress with no sleeves so as a gentleman I offered her my coat because it was so cold that she would have fallen sick but she refused saying - Other girl's will laugh at me if I put on your coat because no other girl is wearing any boy's coat . She continued by saying - It doesn't matter how much I want to put on your coat but I can't and it will ruin my style . After that she left to enjoy with other girls teaching me valuable lesson that girl's are willing to do anything for the sake of fashion even if it includes falling sick  .